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Japanese Bites Stand Yamada

Japanese Organic Matcha High Grade Green Tea Powder 100g

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Dive into the heart of a legacy spanning over 150 years with our exclusive matcha, cultivated through the revered Chagusaba method in the serene vicinities of Kakegawa. This age-old technique harmonizes with nature, leveraging the dried grasses, such as susuki (silver grass), from the tea field surroundings. By laying these grasses between the tea rows throughout winter, we ensure a consistent soil temperature, facilitating bacterial decomposition. This process not only enriches the soil with nutrients but also fosters a sustainable ecosystem for tea cultivation.

Why Our Tea Leaves are Unparalleled:

We take pride in our tea fields, which we believe to stand as the zenith of beauty across Japan. The superiority of our tea leaves is evident to even the untrained eye, highlighted by their expansive surface area which enables enhanced photosynthesis, deepening the flavor profile. Another hallmark of our quality is the dense clustering of leaves within the tea bushes, a testament to the meticulous care including pruning, fertilization, and watering that our plants receive. Our tea fields in Kakegawa and Tohyama are a testament to this, where each leaf is significantly larger, thicker, and more densely packed, hiding the branches beneath them.

Craftsmanship and Purity:

All our matcha is crafted with utmost precision and care right here, ensuring that every sip you take is imbued with the rich legacy of our fields. Our commitment to purity is unwavering, which is why our matcha is 100% JAS Organic Certified, devoid of any chemical fertilizers. The pristine air, coupled with the natural blessings of climate, soil, and the mist from the Watsuka River, culminates in the unmatched umami of our tea, making our locale the epitome of tea cultivation.

Embrace the exquisite blend of tradition, purity, and unmatched quality with our matcha. Experience the deep, rich flavors that have been nurtured by the hands of time and the bountiful nature of Kakegawa.