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Anno sweet potato & Zunda bean butter Pie snack

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   Anno sweet potato pie snack - 8pieces
   Zunda bean better Pie snack - 10pieces

 Anno sweet potato

Anno sweet potato is a sweet potato produced in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Paste made from Anno sweet potato is wrapped in pie crust.

 Zunda bean better
Zunda, a specialty of Miyagi Prefecture, is a paste made from unripe soybeans. The zunda is used to make a sweet red bean paste with plenty of butter, which is then wrapped in a pie crust.

Anko - Japan's oldest sweet representing Japanese food!

Anko is made by boiling down azuki beans and other ingredients to a sweet paste and kneading it. Anko has been eaten in Japan for 2,000 years and used in sweets for annual events to pray for good health and good fortune. Anko has been eaten in Japan for 2,000 years.

Anko is good for your health.
1. The azuki beans used in anko are rich in polyphenols, which are believed to be effective for anti-aging. The amount of polyphenol contained in 100g of azuki beans is 1.5 times that of red wine.

2. The plant fiber contained in azuki beans stimulates defecation, so red bean paste relieves constipation.

3、Azuki beans contain a large amount of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, which break down sugar and fat in the body.